George Botich

Пятница, 02 Октября 2009 г. 21:13

Chicago native George Botich studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, the American Academy of Art in Chicago as well as the Athens School of Fine Arts in Greece. George's charming French storefronts are reflections of his concentrated efforts with on-location painting in Paris. Each image is a part of everyday city living; an image that one sees each day but might not take the time to notice. These images are the neighborhood bookstore with their displays in the window, or the floral shop just around the corner. Simple scenes, yet images that tell a story, lead one to wonder about the old building with it's row of shops and the proprietor who knows each customer by name. George weaves a tale in each work giving the viewer a gift of himself and the gift of the imagination where each person who looks at these nostalgic scenes can take with them their own personal story.

August Afternoon, Paris
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